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Abi Pearson

All our pets live their pet experience food! Here’s a few of them, trying to all get in the same photo
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Linda (Win) Hounsell

Penny, Rosie and Nell enjoying dinner as usual
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Linda (Win) Hounsell

Penny, Rosie and Nell love their food and are eager to start eating
20221230 120830

Julia Miles

Archie is sat waiting his Royal Canin dinner, yummy 😋
20221229 1703141

Barbara Pover

The best present under the Christmas tree, a delicious turkey dinner for Charlie. He loves this small breed variety.
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Mike Smith

Tabitha licking her lips after being rudely interrupted
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Natalie Paynter

This is Luna, a border collie cross lab who has just turned 2! Partaking in her favourite time of day…food! Enjoying a bowl of James Wellbeloved kibble. From the speed she eats it, it must be tasty!!
20221229 170314

Barbara Pover

The best Christmas present under the tree, tasty turkey dinner from the Pet Experience. Charlie loves the small breed variety, he keeps coming back for more.
20221227 171312

William Brooks

This is 11 year old Monty, Lurcher Cross Bedlington enjoying his dinner of Teepee grain free adult, Salmon with Trout.
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matthew broad

Betty enjoying Canagan
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Xander Rendall

Here is Archie, our 5 year old Shih Tzu. He is a very fussy eater but thanks to the Canagan Piccolo he now loves mealtimes as you can see.
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William Coombs

Leo tucking into his breakfast. He loves his fish food.
20221224 174837

Kirstyn Hanger

Mason enjoying his large puppy Salmon Teepee
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Tracey Richards

Bob and Pumpkin with Santa.
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Tracey Richards

Four of our cats sharing a Christmas dinner! Tango, Rocky, Pumpkin and Vinnie.
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Stacey quinn

Hi this is Bruno (French bulldog) eating John Burns grain free dog food. Bruno has had previous history with allergy’s and we have found this food to be fantastic for him.
IMG 1100

matt broad

Applaws for Mork
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natalie Newman

Ludo and Olly having their favourite Teepee grain free biscuits for their Boxing Day breakfast!
IMG 1083

Matt Clark

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Otis with his friends Amber and Moley round for dinner, a true ‘Pet Experience’!
20221224 174843

Kirstyn Hanger

Mason eating Large Puppy Salmon and Veg TeePee food. It’s a hard job being one of the reindeers to pull Santa on his sleigh. Got to eat lots of yummy food to keep my energy up, a lot of children are depending on me to get Santa to them.
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Sophie Moore

Luna ready to open another bag of her favorite food!!
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Sophie Moore

Bobbie Moore seeing what Santa brought!!
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Elisha Webb

This is Simba. He is just over a year old and is a gorgeous golden sprocker. He used to not be very enthusiastic about food and needed encouragement to eat. Safe to say that is not the case anymore. Simba absolutely loves Canangan and will eat his dinner in seconds. It has all natural ingredients and includes vegetables and botanicals. It has made his coat so silky smooth and his … Read more
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Abigail Pearson

Scribbles favourite time of the day is feeding time, especially when the food is this delicious 😋
20221220 235122

Peta Colson

BELLA is absolutely loving TPE and looking forward to her Christmas lunch mmmmm yummy!
20221220 235202


BELLA with her mate Ted in Christmas spirit

Cathy Warne

This is Mary, Molly’s sister. We rescued them together. She had gastrointestinal food, but has switched to Easterbrooks. Mary is very laid back compared to her sister. She came from Taylor’s rehoming. 😊
Black and White photo of a cat

Cathy Warne

This is Molly, Mary’s sister. We rescued them together because Molly is very shy. She also had gastrointestinal food, but has switched to Easterbrooks. She is too skittish for me to photograph eating. She came from Taylor’s rehoming and needs Mary. They are bonded.
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Cathy Warne

Meet Mary 😍 From Taylor’s rehoming a year ago. Came to us with gastrointestinal food. Switched to Easterbrooks and her stomach problems seem to have gone.
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Sarah cowling

Very happy Baxter, he loves his food!
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James Caulkett

This is Max. A very mischievous cat who loves his food.
IMG 20221206 0837244 rewind

Beverley Haggett

Not a change of get a photo of our westie’s face when his food is ready. He is our pride and joy and still our little puppy at 14 years old.
Roxy and Tilly eating Easterbrooks dog food. It is not for cats, just for dogs!

Rob Summers

Roxy and Tilly enjoying their Easterbrooks Super Premium Senior food.
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Suzie Muncaster

Ralph never lets any of it go to waste.
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Heidi blackman

Hi I’m rocky the Great Dane, I’m one of three Great Danes in my house that completely love our Easterbrooks Chicken and rice large breed food, and just to clarify standing next to my bowl with a full bag of yummy chicken and rice grub took some serious self control!!! Happy Christmas everyone and a beautiful new year!
IMG 20221217 113508 655

Lynsey Whitfeld

This is Dylan, about to enjoy his Teepee Grain Free chicken kibble _ always leaves a clean bowl _ yummy!!
20220802 134609


This is 16 year old Sox still eager for his Canagan chicken with seabass!
IMG 20221217 090023225 HDR

Paul Fellows

“there’s still some left at the bottom Dad!”
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Vicky Gray

Winner winner chicken dinner! Marley and Darcy looking good on TeePee Grain Free 🙂
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Wayne fordham

Bravo the beagle waiting for easterbrooks snack bones to be dispensed by the hand of dad
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Rosie Williams

Tormund the English Bulldog waiting patiently for his dinner & then devouring it in about 10 seconds😋🙂 He loves Natures Menu chicken nuggets!
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Georgina Edwards

This is Alfie we have recently switched to a grain free diet, we chose to go with ‘Teepee Grain Free’ which has made a world of difference for him. He really looks forward to dinner time (but what dog doesn’t).
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Steven Cooke

Hetty really enjoys here teepee grain free food – not ur usual labrador she can be fussy with food. Not with this – she eats it every time, and it has made her coat shiny and helped with weight management.
20221212 162346

Emily Strong

Ziggy our Minature Schnauzer is absolutely thriving since being fed your Teepee Salmon and Trout kibble. Was struggling with a few health problems until we switched him onto Teepee. His enthusiasm every meal time is a joy to watch!!
PXL 20221210 154922068.MP2

Jane Bayliss

At almost 13 Murray and Gracie had sadly lost their mojo ☹️. After many a visit to the vets I decided to seek advice from the Pet Experience. The lovely staff suggested a change in diet to Teepee Grain Free Senior Dog Food. Now Murray has his breakfast dance back and Gracie, who refused to get out of bed, waits at the food cupboard…. EVERY MORNING!!! You really have turned … Read more
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Brian Round

Obie and Peppa enjoying their Teepee grain free biscuits. They love all the flavours but chicken is their favourite!
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Lisa Clark

Wilf loves his food and gets very excited! He’s getting ready for Christmas 🎄
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Hollie Goddard

Here is Harvey, 6 yr old, dachshund mix. He loves his walks to TPE to pick up his Fish4Dogs kibbles, which is patiently waiting to eat from his slow feeder bowl.
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Lindsey cooke

This is Archie – he loves his food just as much as his mum!
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