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Dry Cat Food

As a specialist nutrition centre we provide a wide range of hypoallergenic and specialist dry cat foods. Moreover, we supply our own range of cat food to help you choose the best diet for your cat.

Easterbrooks is a hypoallergenic and complete dry cat food. It is suitable for all types and breeds of cats. Traditionally prepared and made in the same way as other hypoallergenic brands such as James Wellbeloved and Burns etc.

Teepee dry cat food is our top of the range feed! In addition, it could be a more cost effective way of feeding your cat. Whether you are feeding a cheap cat food that requires larger portions or feeding a premium brand but paying extra for the fancy packaging, Teepee could save you money.

Teepee Grain Free is, as the name suggests, our grain free range. Teepee is a high meat content, steam cooked dry cat food. It is hypoallergenic and nutritionally complete.

The lower temperature of steam cooking is kinder to the ingredients and allows for a higher proportion of fresh produce in the diet. Consequently, steam cooked dry cat foods have better flavour and aroma when compared to traditionally prepared diets. Digestibility is also increased leading to lower feeding quantities and less poo in the litter tray!

So no matter if you have a Bengal or a Birman, a Maine Coon or a Moggy, Teepee and Easterbrooks could be the answer to your prayers! Just check out our customer reviews to help you choose the food that is right for your cat.

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