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Should ‘Cheap’ Pet Food Come With A Health Warning?

Cheap food for your pets?

In recent months there has been a lot of talk on television and radio about ways to save money. The economic crisis has been biting hard. With inflation continuing to rise and the general cost of living sky rocketing, people are looking for ways to cut back, economise and spend less. And for many pet parents, that may mean considering a change to ‘cheap’ or cheaper pet food. When it … Read more

Easterbrooks dog food is so good, even the cats want it!

Recently a cheeky cat at a local fair tried to get into our bags of Easterbrooks dog food. If a cat wants it, that is high praise indeed! Luckily, we have Easterbrooks complete food that is especially for cats! They’ll just have to fend off the dogs! Feeding cats a specific cat food is important for a number of reasons. Primarily, cats are carnivores. As a result, they require meat … Read more

What type of dog coat should I get?

Stormy Coat

Dog coats – An Optional Extra or a Necessity? At the time of writing, we are part way through December in the UK and winter is very much setting in. We have had the first couple of storms of the season. The temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up! In addition, the days are short and our morning and evening walks are now confined to darkness. However we … Read more

Which dog toys are the best?

Nylabone dog toys

Which dog toys are the best? We are frequently asked this question in the shop. You could change the word best for other adjectives like strongest, most durable, toughest, indestructible etc. The qualities of the toy are certainly a factor in determining ‘the best’ dog toy.  However they are not the only factor. It is important to consider the dog you are buying the toy for. Their physical size. Jaw … Read more

How to calm a dog with anxiety

lightening fork

BOOM! Calming a dog with anxiety is more important now than at virtually any other time of year. As we roll into October, firework season is only around the corner. Halloween, then Guys Fawkes and before you know it, New Years Eve…. For millions of dogs (and many other pets!) this is a serious issue. There are many ways to try and help your dog through this period, some more … Read more

Dog with joint pain? Learn how to help ease their aches

hip joint

Joint Pain & Arthritis in Dogs Dogs with joint pain suffer just like we do. However they cannot complain as easily or clearly about it! As a result, being aware of arthritis as your dog ages may help you to recognise the symptoms and provide some relief. There are many different medications and treatments available for arthritis in dogs. Some of these will be prescribed by your Vet whilst others … Read more

How to get rid of fleas in your house?

fleas lifecycle cat 2017 01

‘I have fleas in my house!’ This is a frequently heard phrase in the shop and not one we like to hear. Fleas in the house are bad news! What’s worse is that they are very difficult to get rid of once you have them. But why is this? Why doesn’t the flea infestation die off as soon as you treat your pet? The answer is simple. It is not … Read more

What is the best hypoallergenic dog food?

Dog Eating Teepee Hypoallergenic dog food from bag

“What is the best hypoallergenic dog food?” As you may have noticed, the articles I write are partly based on my experiences over the years in the pet shop. In that time, concerned customers have asked me a variety of questions. This questions though is one of the most frequent. Consequently it is a topic that deserves some exploration. However the answer is not as straightforward as you may think. … Read more

How to get fussy dogs to eat.

Dog in front of empty bowl of Teepee Chicken dog food

My dog is such a fussy eater! ‘How to get fussy dogs to eat?’ This is a very common question we are asked in the shop. No matter what size or shape your dog is, we have seen examples of fussy eaters in all of them! But what makes a dog reluctant to eat? Firstly, is your dog is fit and well with no underlying dental or behavioural issues? Are … Read more

Puppy feeding. How often should I feed my puppy?

Puppy eating Teepee puppy food

Welcome to your new home! Puppy feeding is just a part of having a new puppy in the house. Getting a new puppy is a very exciting time! However it can also be a bit daunting if you are a first-time puppy parent. Whether you have adopted an older puppy from a rehoming centre or brought home a brand new 8 week old puppy, there is a lot to learn: … Read more

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