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Easterbrooks dog food is so good, even the cats want it!


Cormac Linehan

Recently a cheeky cat at a local fair tried to get into our bags of Easterbrooks dog food. If a cat wants it, that is high praise indeed!

Luckily, we have Easterbrooks complete food that is especially for cats! They’ll just have to fend off the dogs!

Feeding cats a specific cat food is important for a number of reasons. Primarily, cats are carnivores. As a result, they require meat in their diet. Whereas dogs are actually omnivores and can survive without meat in their diet. Furthermore, cats require an essential amino acid in their food. An essential amino acid is one that they need but are unable to produce (or produce fast enough) themselves. Therefore, it is ‘essential’ that it is provided in the diet. Giving dog food to cats is not recommended.

Cats require a number of essential amino acids. The most well known of these is Taurine. It is crucial for vision, digestion, heart muscle function, pregnancy and immunity. As a result, a Complete food that is specifically for cats will supply the necessary levels of Taurine and the other essential amino acids they need. This is to help ensure that your cat stays fit and healthy! These would not necessarily be found in dog food, which is why it is not suitable for cats to eat.

Cat eating Easterbrooks Salmon and Chicken cat food

Complete Pet Food

Remember though, the label of ‘complete’ on a pet food (be that dog food or cat food) has no bearing on the quality of that food. Moreover, how that food may impact the general health and wellbeing of your pet. To ensure you have all the facts about pet food when deciding what to feed your pet, read our informative article on understanding complete food and the possible, unforeseen consequences of poor quality pet food: Should Cheap Pet Food Come With A Health Warning?

Our cat food comes in 2 different adult flavours (Chicken and Salmon) as well as Kitten and Senior options for the younger and older generations. As with the entire Easterbrooks range, our cat food is hypoallergenic, digestible and super tasty for even the fussiest of felines. In addition, it of course a complete diet! But remember, ‘complete food’ for cats is different to complete food for dogs. This is why you should not give dog food to cats.

When it comes to dog food, we have that covered as well! Our Easterbrooks dog food comes in a range of flavours and different life stages. From our hypoallergenic chicken flavoured puppy food to our sensitive Senior food with fish and rice, we have everything you need. Furthermore, our adult foods are available in a number of popular flavours including Duck, Salmon, Chicken and Lamb.

For further information and advice on feeding you cat, have a look at the Cats Protection website.

Roxy and Tilly eating Easterbrooks dog food. It is not for cats, just for dogs!

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