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Teepee Grain Free Large Breed Puppy 15kg (Breeder Pack) – Salmon, Sweet Potato & Vegetables

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A large breed puppy food designed to meet the nutritional and physical requirements of your growing large breed puppy. With added joint supplementation. Adapted protein, fat and calcium levels. Larger biscuits encourage proper chewing and reduce the chances of bloat occurring.



Large Breed Puppy Food

Dog Eating Teepee Grain Free Large Breed Puppy Food from bowl
These Fox Red Labrador pups love their Teepee Large Breed Puppy food! Photo courtesy of P. Appleby.

Teepee Large Breed Puppy Food is designed to support the many needs of your large breed puppy as it grows. Compared to an average sized puppy, large breed puppies have different nutritional requirements at different stages of their development.

A large breed puppy has a longer growth curve. This means they grow over a longer period. For example, a Jack Russell Terrier (a small breed of dog) would be fully grown by the time it reaches a year old. However a Labrador or German Shepherd would still be growing. In addition, these bigger dogs would have joints and bones that develop and strengthen over a longer period.

Depending on their size, large breed puppies can normally stay on puppy food up to about 15 months old. The larger the breed, the longer they will stay on large puppy food. For instance, a Great Dane could stay on puppy food for up to 2 years.

If you think your dog is at an age where it now needs adult food, take a look at our Teepee Adult Large Breed food:

Big Biscuit!

Slow Bowl
Slow feeding bowls can slow down the speed at which your dog eats.

Another key point about large breed puppies is they tend to have big mouths! Consequently, they can ingest big mouthfuls of food and swallow without chewing. When this occurs, air can be swallowed along with the food. This can lead to unpleasant burping and flatulence. More seriously though, it can increase the chances of bloat occurring which can be potentially fatal.

However, our large breed puppy food has a larger biscuit size: 13mm x 12mm (+/- 1mm). This encourages proper chewing before swallowing. Meeting these different nutritional and physical requirements is part of what Teepee large breed puppy food is for. Pairing our large breed puppy food with a slow feeding bowl can further reduce the amount of air swallowed.


Salmon FilletSalmon is naturally rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Omega oils have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, they can be very beneficial for addressing skin and coat problems. In addition, Omega 3 is helpful for supporting developing joints as well as cognitive and visual development. Moreover, Salmon is an easily digestible forms of protein making it a naturally hypoallergenic ingredient.

Sweet Potato is used as an alternative to grain. Firstly, it is an excellent complex carbohydrate. It is also high in B Vitamins. Similarly, Asparagus is rich in vitamins A, C and K as well as folic acid. Consequently, these all help contribute to general health & well-being as your puppy grows. Likewise, added prebiotics (FOS & MOS) can aid digestion by helping to promote the growth of ‘good’ digestive bacteria.

In short, Teepee large breed puppy food is a great way to feed a cost-effective, hypoallergenic diet. High quality ingredients and superior digestibility. As a result, feeding quantities are lower and there is less waste. In other words, less poo!

Large Breed Puppy Food Feeding Guidelines

All bags of Teepee large breed puppy food come with suggested feeding quantities. However, these are purely a guide. For instance, the following factors can have an effect on feeding quantities:

JGF Guide
Large Breed Puppy Food Feeding Guide
  • individual breed.
  • metabolic rate.
  • level of activity.
  • neutering.
  • age of the dog.
  • sex of the dog.
  • ambient living temperature etc.

As a result, adjust feeding quantities as necessary. No matter how good a food is, too much is no good! For example, over feeding will usually lead to poor digestion and soft poo. Not to mention weight gain. Similarly, too little will affect their ability to maintain a healthy bodyweight. Added L-Carnitine promotes the burning of fat for energy during growth to help weight management.

One final point. Your puppy’s daily feeding portions will need to be reduced as your puppy grows through adolescence. It is a bit counter intuitive…. Your puppy is getting bigger and heavier, but you will need to start cutting back on their daily feeding amounts at a certain point.

This is as a result of their growth curve starting to level. In other words, their rate of growth is slowing down and they are moving closer to being fully grown. For example, for an average large breed puppy this would be anytime from about 8 months onwards. For more information on this, read our article on puppy feeding:


Teepee Grain Free Large Puppy Breeder Packs are designed for households with multiple dogs or working/sporting dogs. As a result, they are VAT free. If you do not have working dogs, reduce bag feeding quantities by about 10% or follow the amended guide above.

To buy Teepee Large Breed Puppy in a smaller, 2kg bag click here!


Teepee Large Breed Puppy Food Ingredients

Salmon 60% (Freshly Prepared Salmon 38%, Dried Salmon 20%, Salmon Stock 2%). Sweet Potato (19%). Potato. Beet Pulp. Linseed. Minerals. Vitamins. Carrots. Peas (0.2%). Omega 3 Supplement. Vegetable Stock. Glucosamine (355 mg/kg). MSM (355 mg/kg). Chondroitin Sulphate (250mg/kg). Nucleotides, FOS (96 mg/kg). MOS (24 mg/kg).

Teepee Large Breed Puppy Food Analytical Constituents

Protein (Crude) 25%. Fat (Crude) 13%. Fibre (Crude) 2%. Ash (Crude) 7%. Moisture 8%. NFE 45%. Metabolisable Energy 376 Kcal/100g. Omega-6 0.8%. Omega-3 3.3%. Calcium 1.3%. Phosphorous 0.8%.

Nutritional Additives per kg

Vitamins: A 15,000 IU. D3 2,000 IU. E 95 IU. Provitamin: L-Carnitine 480mg. Trace Elements: Zinc 85mg. Iron 50mg. Manganese 35mg. Copper 15mg. Iodine 1.7mg


To learn more about your growing puppy, click here:

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15kg, 30kg (SAVE! 2 x 15kg)

2 reviews for Teepee Grain Free Large Breed Puppy 15kg (Breeder Pack) – Salmon, Sweet Potato & Vegetables

  1. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Lloyd Jones

    Having a large breed GSD X Husky puppy and finding the best food to feed him has not been an easy task. We knew that we wanted grain free food from the beginning and the select few branded foods are very limited in options (and are expensive!) our dog enjoyed his food in the first few months and always ate his full portion, but out of the blue he would sometimes be sick and then began leaving full bowls of food. We were worried about his weight, so we took a trip down to The Pet Experience. We spoke to Cormac and explained our situation, he was extremely professional and when answering our questions his vast knowledge on pet nutrition was clear to see. After hearing our requirements he directed us to the Teepee grain free large breed puppy food. We took a small bag to begin with as a tester as per Cormac’s suggestion. Ziggy loved the food, we now feed him the adult version of the same flavour, and we haven’t looked back! He now looks forward to food time and eats every bite, instead of disregarding full bowls of expensive food! We couldn’t be happier that we made the switch to The Pet Experience’s Teepee brand. We can’t thank you enough for your advice and expertise, you genuinely saved us from a lot of stress and confusion.

  2. Avatar
    5 out of 5

    Rebecca Stanley (verified owner)

    Our 7 month old labrador puppy has been on this food for 3 months and he loves it. His fur is really soft and shiny. I was looking for plastic free packaging for dog food and really pleased i found this.

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